Sep 3, 2012

Think of it as your get out of jail card!
With all the gadgets we have for our mobile devices these days, why not invest in something that will actually be of some great use, and keep you conscience about drinking and driving.

Check out to get yours today!
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iPhone & iPad Digital Breathalyzer
  • Always on hand (easily attaches to your iPod)
  • Provides fast and accurate breath alcohol results
  • Quickly determine if you are legal (and safe) to drive
  • Show friends that they’re unsafe to drive without offending them
  • Test your kids without looking totally uncool…they’ll actually be impressed with it
  • Stop car accidents and property damage of yours and others
  • Prevent the possibility of nasty and enormous fines and stay jail FREE
  • Could save you from losing your job.
  • Avoid humiliation and embarrassment with work, friends, and family
  • Most of all, Save your life, but most of all save the life of others you may put in harms way!


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