Jul 30, 2011

Getting my design on!

On such a perfect day I couldn't just stay inside and work. So why not surround myself in a beautiful setting and work? Which is exactly what I did ;) I am working on a few surprises so it was the perfect spot to clear my head and just pump out some ideas

My first inspiration comes from a collection I feel is just me to a T. Its called Lexi and the City... very fitting i know haha

The second thing im working on is called bows and dots. A little 80's modonna with 60's silhouettes


Jul 29, 2011

Drinking homeless style with my bestie

My summer obsession :) I love love love skinny girl cocktails and why not sit beachside and relax with my girl!!!

haha drinking homeless style (outta the brown bag so classy lol)

we actually didn't think to grab cups, normally we don't drink out the bottle


Jul 28, 2011

Really is it almost August alreadyyyy

I am so sad, where has summer gone. I feel like this summer has gone by so fast. Graduation, vacations, and spending time with my most favorite people really does make the time fly.


Jul 27, 2011

Chillen on the rooftop!

You have to love the view from the top!!

And at night its even better!!


Jul 26, 2011

Jul 25, 2011

You have to love a man who cooks ;)

My bebo working hard in the kitchen making some delish stir-fry. I was in heaven not only did i find myself a catch, but he cooks too (Don't be too jealous ladies haha)

the finished result, and let me tell you it was super duper fab! Volim te puno!!!!!

ps. it was also our one month <3


Jul 24, 2011

Testing a trend: Bra strap head bands lol

So bored one night with my girlies we were all just sitting in my bed having a little girl talk, when I started to fidget around with some bra straps i had on my night table. Being the fashionista I am haha im like " hey im gonna make these work" (wise words from Mr. Tim Gunn himself) So here is my first model Miss Meg rockin the lexi original bra strap head band.

Miss Amber worked her's a different way, and each looks just as fabulous haha

Nothing special I know but hey they loved them lol.


Jul 23, 2011

My first Cheesecake for my boo

So anyone who knows me, knows im not the best cook... haha but im pretty surprised at myself. I made Almir a yummy yummy cheesecake (which by the way he loved). I even made it special and put I LOVE YOU on it!!! Im trying to be the best girlfriend because I really have the best boyfriend ;)


Jul 22, 2011

My earrings from Almir ;)

Ahh i have the most wonderful boyfriend in the whole world. He surprised me with these little things and you can never go wrong with a girl and diamonds!

I was so excited i had to take a close up to send my mommy! He's really a catch and im so lucky to have him <3


Jul 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Mimi

Happy 29th bday! I love you and lets make this next year one of the best!!! Grandma mimi this is your last year until your the big 30 haha. But i love you

xoxo lexi

Jul 20, 2011

Sissy and Lukey time ;)

PLaying some put put golf Glow n the Dark style of course!

My little everything and me! I hope one day when he grows up he realizes how much sissy loves him! I always watch the Real Housewives (every group I love them all each in their different ways) but on Jersey there seems to be a lot of family sibling conflict. That will never happen with us and of course it wont because even though one day he will be bigger then me, he will never be too big to get a butt kickin from sissy lexi haha...
and the crazy big boat i had to drive us around in. My mothers suv is so big, and I drive a little red sports car so this def took some getting use too lol


Jul 19, 2011

This is what a bar in Missouri is like haha

A big difference from ones in Chicago. ( Note: the animal head on the wall haha) Gotta love it though, makes me really miss home.

Jul 18, 2011

This is what teddy does for treaties!!

My little puppy is such a model and this is what he does for treaties haha. He loves me honestly he real does. Enjoy!

xoxo Lexi

Jul 16, 2011


Planking on a Corona

Planking in the garden

Planking on a Saturday

Planking while shopping for groceries

My Cousin is so funny... I have never heard of such a thing and I was bored last night Facebook stalking people. Honestly im not sure where she comes up with this stuff. Thanks for some good blog material shah



Jul 13, 2011

Dear Lexi

So I received a letter from a fan and I always love giving my advice to young inspiring fashionistas... Not to mention it makes me feel kinda cool that people actually look up to me for that kinda stuff ;) This message comes from Jess in NYC,


i am Jess and i'm studying fashion design in nyc.

i've come across many fashion sites looking for design inspiration and i really like your look! You're inspiring me a lot! :)

But the thing is i am not very confident to show off my personal style since i am not a good model!

could you please give me some feedback? i just started to use another site as well since i don't need to upload photos of myself.. this makes me feel more comfortable.. http://bit.ly/rc3R3e

i made this composition for the theme of "first date in summer". it sounds funny but it is actually my school project! :)

thanks, please give me any advice! thanks for imparting your fashion wisdom!!


First off let me say thank you for such a nice compliment ;) But honestly when it comes to personal style, it should be about you. You are what you wear and everyone (even the most unfashionable persons included) have a personal style. So embrace YOU because that is what makes you who you are and people like when someone can be original. There really are no rules when it comes to fashion, so experiment and try to push yourself (drama always makes a little better of a picture anyway) When it comes to being a great model... thats not important. Im 5'4 and lets just say not 100 lbs. So im not a perfect model either. Find angles that make you look your best. Hands on the rib cage and shoulders back always improves the way your body looks (boosts cleavage too) Also having the camera at a slight downward angle a little above your head height helps by making you look slimmer, ever heard of myspace angles hahha. Overtime you will start to improve and learn what works and what doesn't. Its all about trial and error, so its ok to make mistakes or not be perfect. Imperfection is what is really beautiful anyway. Hope this helps and always feel free to email me questions at ALEXISNOELSULLIVAN@GMAIL.COM

Ps The collage is great and I would totally rock this look on a summer date ;)

xoxo Lexi

Jul 12, 2011

Hand Knitted Sweater By: Alexis Noel Sullivan

A little experiment that I tried out and I must say it turned out so fing cute (obviously it looks better on) Ps I must admit that knitting at the airport is a great place to meet people. I swear everyone was like so what are you doing... oh i never see young people knit... yada yada lol. So if you want a date or two, try knitting hehe

xoxo Lexi

Sale At Cerato Boutique

Check out the summer sale where you can save up to 50% off. Happy Shopping everyone and Check out Kristin Hassan's collection there!!!!

xoxo LEXI

Jul 8, 2011

Back to Chicago

Ahh the view from the top is so very nice ;) (But this whole being on a plane 6 times in 3 weeks is not my fav) lol Gotta get back to work, have a big day ahead of me tomorrow.



Jul 7, 2011

Yum Yum

So im on a diet and made a really great lunch ;) Plus when im in the heat I don't like to eat a ton of fried food. This was just perfection

xoxo Lexi

Last day on the Beach

My fav beach hat, just because sun damage is not sexy. When im 40 id like to look 30 (maybe 25) not 80. So spf and sun hats are a must for this fashionista.

I swear I would be a beach bum if I lived here.



Jul 6, 2011

Random pics of the Trade Winds ect.

some crazy birds swarming the place... Im not sure if it was a requirement for you guys but in high school I have to watch the movie Birds, now my life is not the same.

The beach was poppin this day ;)

One of the many pools at our resort, ps note the paddle boats... yeah death

ahh and the beautiful sunset ;) It really is the little things that can make your heart just melt, and make you miss your boyfriend


I wrote our names in the sand ;)

I always love doing this, and too its a nice pic to send via phone when 2 weeks just seems like forever! Its the little things that mean the most

Better not forget it either!


Jul 5, 2011

Beachin it with my Fam

My mommy, myself and my little bro on the beach taking a break from building our sand castle to take some family pics

The two most wonderful people in the world. (Ps this vacation has been a very special one that I will remember forever )

Passed out getting my tan on, and my step dad of course had to take pictures. (notice how my phone is on my face haha i am a nerd)

xoxo Lexi

Jul 4, 2011

Around the world ;)

So I was going through my stats here on blogger and I checked out the audience section... let me tell you I feel kinda cool. People all over the world are viewing my little blog ;) I just want to say how grateful I am that my blog is reaching people all over. Seriously, sometimes I still think of myself as the little Missouri girl, so to have your love and support means the world to me. Keep tuning in and always stay fabulous my followers/friends :)

United States
United Kingdom
Thailand.... These are just to name a few

I love you all

xoxo Lexi

Happy 4th of July

God Bless America

Jul 3, 2011

This right here is Paradise

Ahh on my much needed vacation! and let me tell you the only thing missing from this picture is a Corona haha (and my amazing boyfriend of course) Seriously this is the life, if Florida didn't make me have an afro puff, I might consider moving here ;)

xoxo Lexi