Dec 31, 2010

Last Post of 2010

Dressed in our best we are ready for a night on the town! Happy new years everyone! Be Safe and parttyyy hard ;)

A view from casa de Lexi ;)

Laying in bed, not being able to sleep and I can see the sun starting ... made me think how awesome my view in my bedroom is. I forget sometimes how incredible it is. I guess the 2 week vaca to Missouri for the holidays prob help put things into perspective lol. Well anyway enjoy ;)

Dec 30, 2010

NYE Pre Party

Yes NYE is a very fun night to go out and party but I seem to have the most fun... the night before. lol Its a tradition of ours to have blast the night before too!!!! And introducing my fav bff and the love of my life Mr. Sir-Ray ;) Don't we just look fabulousss

Dec 29, 2010

New Years Make-Up

Im in love with the new MAC looks for holiday! And because im obsessed with Mac haha this is what i have chosen to be the Lexi 2011 look for this new years! To get great make-up ideas check out MACCOSMETICS.COM on there they have looks that even have the items needed to recreate the look listed below! How simple right?

Last day of Grandpa's Gun Shop :(

Today was a sad day! My grandpa sold his gun shop... I snapped a few pics to share with ya but no worries he has plans of opening a new one very soon yay!

I found it ;)

So after a search of a lifetime ( 5 boutiques, 3 malls, and countless nights of internet hunting). I found what I think is the most Perfect New Years Dress for 2011. My inspiration was the 20-30's theme. I wanted something that was classic and elegant, since I will be celebrating with my fabulous circle of friends at the Akira party) but still was lexi ( sparkly and flirty). I was obsessed by the show Boardwalk Empire. Im not sure if you guys have seen it but i highly recommend it. Not only is the show about the start up of American Gangsters but the fashion is sooo to die for ;) Still on the hunt for some shoes though :/ but its an excuse to shop right! Let me know what you think. Happy New Years Shopping everyone <3

Dec 28, 2010

Christmas Perfection!

I am in love with the show "Sex and the City" if you couldn't tell it is what inspired my entire blog hehe. For almost an entire year i was searching for the prefect "Carrie" necklace... I didn't want something cheap and tacky and that seemed impossible to find :( but this Christmas i received the best present because it will be something that will define me and be a staple piece i wear most everyday!!! Thank you Christa for being a wonderful best friend! Thanks for the perfect present! and Thanks for always being the one who is always there!!! I cant tell you enough how much I love you!!!!!!!!

Dec 27, 2010

Me and my little man ;)

So me and the new love of my life were hanging out watching youtube videos together when I thought why not have a photo shoot! lol excuse my pi's but my little man is just so cute and I feel the need to show him off... not so much myself! lol Enjoy!

Introducing my dog TEDDY!!!

such a sweetie and the new love of my life ;)

Dec 25, 2010

A New Tradition

So this year being 22 and Christmas is not about santa really anymore :( My parents gave me the best gift of all! A vintage diamond ring!!! Now we are starting a new tradition and building up my collection of jewels. Im so blessed to have to best parents in the world!!!! Enjoy and let me know what you think :) (please excuse the xmas morning hair lol)

Christmas :)

My house on Christmas I swear looks like a movie house!!!! I love it so much, mom you did a great job making everything perfect!!!! love u

Dec 18, 2010

Best Invention Ever!!!

Want those perfect hollywood curls? How about get them go out have a wild night and party... go to bed and wake up with amazing hollywood tousled beach waves?? lol Well I must share my secret weapon, that I just discovered. THE CHI ORBIT IRON.

Congrats Bestie

My bestie graduated college today! Im so proud of her!!!!!!! She's the strongest, good hearted, crazy girl I know. As this chapter in your life ends, remember all the great times and wonderful people you met along the way. I cannot wait for you to get your booty to chicago so we can start the new chapter of our lives! Single, professional, wonderful, city slickin women ;) So many great more times are ahead and I can wait till your my roomy <3

Dec 16, 2010

Mich Ave at Christmas Time ;)

So as I drove down Mich Ave, I was reminded why I love this city so much! Such a pretty festive place, Chicago I <3 u !!!! xoxo

Dec 11, 2010

Your Holiday Style???

What are your holiday fav's this year?? Well Check out Kristin Hassan's Holiday collection and get prepared for the Glam Events to come ;) New Years is just around the conner and why not knock them dead ;) Go to WWW.KRISTINHASSAN.COM and happy shopping!

My Tree!!!!!!

Well it is not Christmas without a tree, and it wouldn't be Lexi unless it was pink!!! Happy Holidays everyone ;)

Dec 10, 2010

Be there or be square!!!!


◆ Premium open bar from 9pm-2am
◆ Passed appetizers + DESSERTS
◆ Entertainment: 8 djs + 1 live band
◆ Video Countdown & Confetti Explosion
◆ Fashion Presentation by FORD Models
◆ Party with the best crowd in the city
◆ 30,000 sq. ft of party space at Germania Place
(Vicinity of North Ave. & Clark)

An immaculate light show coupled with the best DJ lineup in the city featuring a delightful mix of pop, rock, house and club favorites. Eight DJs in all including renowned local DJ, DJ Madrid, and a live performance by The Streets on Fire will keep you in party mode well past midnight. In typical AKIRA style, the fashion will be right on cue. Exquisite models wearing the latest looks by AKIRA will be spotted throughout the night.

As the clock strikes 12 a ring of champagne toasts will welcome in 2011.

Sponsored by:
Svedka Vodka, Goose island Brewery, Baudron Wine, Jack Daniel's, Rock Sake, Germania Place, Kenmare catering & events, Fuse, Vitamin Water and TONY MACEY

Dec 4, 2010

Such a Perfect Sat

Ice skating in the Park downtown while its snowing? Yes it doesn't get better then that!!! I love Chicago in the winter time ;)

Nov 26, 2010


So I normally never go for a younger guy... I mean im not opposed I just am drawn to the older ones... haha but I happened to meet a little guy :) and i must admit Im smitten. So ladies what are your thoughts on dating younger guys? Just so you know he's atleast 21 hehe

Nov 24, 2010

Attn: Fashionistas!!!!

When leaving the house for a night out such as Black Wednesday always be prepared for sudden showers and sport THE BAG. Its the hottest thing this season get one ba hahaaaaa

Nov 6, 2010

The Alexis Noel Sullivan Website!!!!!

Check out my website. On here you will be able to see examples of my work! Leave comments and let me know what you think ;)

Oct 25, 2010

Second City Style Fashion Event!

Second City Style Fashion Show Event @ Sofitel on Chestnut Come support local chicago designers! See you there ;)

Oct 24, 2010

Attn: Chicago Photographers

Hey Chicago photographers, I have a client looking for a skilled photographer to do lookbook shots as well as a few editorial shots for a new clothing line. Please contact me if your interested or know anyone who is qualified :)

Oct 22, 2010

Teaser From the Spring 2011 Photo Shoot

Ben Mahoney Productions. Video that rocks. - Video
Nick Gerber - Photo
Frank Lieu - Photo
Kristin Rosynek Hassan - Designer
Alexis Sullivan - Make-Up
Carlos Garcia - Stylist
Me - Hair & Editing

Video from Chicago Fashion Week featuring Kristin Hassan!!!!!

Aug 22, 2010

Retro Shoot with Mr. Jorge Gera

Photography by: Jorge Gera
Style: Melissa Calabrese
Hair and Make up: Alexis Sullivan
Assistant: David Kindler
Location: Chicago

Aug 3, 2010

Going out... On a Monday

So I must admit... this was by far one of the strangest/fun/embrassing/converstaional/ romantic night of my life. So lets start from where it started. At my apartment, watching the bachlorette, drinking killer drinks called FOUR. My dad, his gf, Bestie and I all got our buzz on and got ready. I think we ended up heading out around 11 but im not excatly sure. In the cab we all were showing that we were drunk lol and our cab driver was not amused. For some dumb reason I invited L train boy to meet me up at the local spot, bad idea. Considering the fact I am and have been in love with him for 4 years. So yeah im hanging out in the dj booth and he walked in. So we all headed over the another bar, where i drank myself into embrassesment. Not only did i confess/say things that soberly I WOULD NEVER but I also kept telling him not to flatter himself after i said all these things. If that wasnt just so bad enough I also fell. Now please someone tell me why I can act like a pro infront of any other person, but in front of him I become the 18 year old nerd I was when I met him. To make the night even worse, when he said he was leaving I responded with a " Well hey thats ok, theres this group of guys over here that wanna talk to me." Fool, I am a fool! But im pretty sure he was enjoying the flattery haha. So he dipped out and I walked over to a table of 4 guys, all from England. Here for 2 days and so much fun. We sat there had great converstaion on life and fashion. haha oh Mondayssss

Apr 10, 2010

Reviews of KH Fashion Show

Reviews from the KH fashion show
( If u look closely u can see me in the back ground ;)

Apr 8, 2010

Kristin Hassan Summer 2010 Fashion Show Sponsored by Gen Art

Such a hit the KH fashion show went so well tonight! It was def alot of hard work but it turned out better then expected. Tons of great and beautiful people attended and her clothes were a hit! It was a great learning experience for me and I loved the rush from all the high stress. I had earlier that day went over to China Town to pick up the newly finished pieces for the show. After arriving, about an hour later Kristin had discovered that some pieces were left at Juans. So in a hurry, I flew through downtown city traffic on Michigan Ave, making it back just in time to get the pieces on the models in time for the show. After the show i enjoyed a glass of wine and a nice goodie bag filled with hair products and lip glosses. What a night!!!

Mar 30, 2010

Summer Look Book ;) enjoy!

Just loved how it turned out!!! So cute check out Kristins line at

Mar 26, 2010

Photo Shoot for Summer Look Book

Today was a long shoot 9-6. It was a great one. So glad to work with Model Elena Besser, who also hosts Tyler Kaschke and Jon Hamblin were in charge of photography and video taping. Of course designs all by Kristin Hassan and styling by me Alexis Noel Sullivan ;) More pics to come...

Mar 23, 2010

My designs hit the runway

My stuff and I are going to be walking in a show!!!!! Come check it out on April 24th. Such great news!!! cant wait to see everyone there ;)

Mar 16, 2010

So much fun being me

So much fun tonight at the pop-up launch at 900 N Michigan! Sipped on Vitamin Water Zero and Svedka cocktails, then enjoyed some great goodie bags! Hanging out with my two fav things, fashion and cocktails! What a night. I had totally forgot to get a ticket and right before the event I went online and it said " Ticket sales ended at 5pm and tickets can only be bought at the door. So what did I do, Put on my little black dress, some thigh high flat boots (not trashy classy ;) threw on my Betsey Johnson coat and took a cab anyway. As I walked up and explained my story, I remember a thing called name dropping lol. And when she asked me my name I said " Oh im Alexis with Kristin Hassan" and just like that I was let in. This job def has its perks and I just saved $25.