Apr 30, 2011

Ohh What a Night lol

So what started off out be such a peaceful nice night... haha ok ok so I take that back, UFC was on at the bar and you know... people get rowdy bah. Well anyway I met up with my friend Courtney, one of my oldest best friends a girl could ever ask for ;). We arrived to my parents bar and to much of our surprise the fight was on but honestly it wasn't that bad. Hot bodies, tight shorts, nice butts hehe the sport is alright well besides all the blood and stuff. After the fight was over we boogied from our table on over to the bar for some shots. Being the responsible person I am I had a ride arranged to pick us up and I guess thats when it went downhill. I exited the bar and hopped up into my dads truck. All the sudden this group of people exited the bar, ranting. Trashy people if you ask me, but hey it was wentzville (no offense for all the normals that live there). They then started to cause a problem right outside of the door, so my step dad went to help keep the peace. Outta no where I see the lady swing and hit my step dad's jaw, without a thought process I got outta the car and called the police. Which I thought would make it better, Nope... this will be the day remembered that "I had my first bar fight". While I was on the phone a older man in his mid 30's then lunged at me in a raging manor knocking me to the ground. Yes I know a Middle Aged Man hit a freaking 22 year old girl! The rest is history and im glad to say I made it out alive and my step dad and myself are ok!! But phew that was crazzyyy, like Sir Ray always tells me "Lexi people couldn't write this shit" and now im starting to think its true. My life is a crazy one but you know what ... all i can really say is im truly blessed ;) oh ps more details to come later

xoxo lexi

Apr 17, 2011

Taking day to church ;)

So after a day with the family, I decided it was time to center myself and just cleanse my soul. I went to church to get palms. Now I had about 15 secs to get ready so I kept my shirt and ditched the jeans for a high waisted skirt. Threw on my fav white trench and some fab wedges. Mr. Beautiful and I posed for our close-up... i hate taking pics with such a diva ;)
xoxo lexi

Blair Ghosting bah hahahaaa

As ray navigated us threw the city, I learned something new... a term called ghosting. Which is the act of following up bend someone really close and try and see how long you can go without them noticing lol
here is blair showcasing her talents

i love that ray blends in with everyone... he's kinda perfect lol

i love this pic!! it was such a nice day and it was nice to be able to hang out with my family in my city ;) i think they love it

xoxo lexi

Ed Debevic's ;)

Ray and myself getting ready to show my fam around the city ;)

all my family eating :) wish it wasn't so dark but thats ok

they make you wear these hats... which is better then the other place that makes you wear condom hats haha... not so funny ;)

sir rayyyy

and me just being myself aka a nerdo lol
but i guess thats what makes life more fun
i love you family :) (Ray your included)

xoxo lexi

Apr 16, 2011

Blair's BBall Tourny ;)

it was so nice to just take a sat and be able to hang with my family! watch some girls basketball and chill ;) I feel like that doesn't happen ever and when it does i like to take full advantage

eww this girl we did not like... she picked a scab off and threw it yuckkk... allie called her joe dirt... i think it kinda fit hahaaa

my cuzzo allie <3 i love her more then words can sayyyy ;)
xoxo lexi

Apr 15, 2011

Chicago Fashion Event

Our booth at the Union Station :)

Kristin Hassan and myself in front of the step and repeat. Such a great and talented designer. She is the biggest inspiration and such a sweetheart!

And the most fabulous and awesome Lara Miller ;) I really love this pic. She is such a power player in the Chicago fashion scene, not only is she a designer of a successful brand but she runs the incubator program at the Macy's store on state street. ahhh sooo cool

Top 12 Spring 2011 Must Haves by: Lexi

1.) Lace Dresses
2.) Jumpsuits
3.) Cropped Blazers
4.) Maxi Dresses
5.) White Leather Totes
6.) Heart Shaped Sunglasses
7.) Wedges
8.) Layering Necklaces
9.) Navy Trench
10.) Coral Lips
11.) Infinity Scarves
12.) Wide Leg Jeans

Quote of my life

That's the thing. You need to be cool to be queen. Anne Boleyn thought only with her heart and she got her head chopped off. So her daughter Elizabeth made a vow never to marry a man. She married a country. Forget boys. Keep your eye on the prize. You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you.
(Blair Waldorf)

Vintage Lexi

haha from my mommy and eric's wedding ;) Aww i was so little lol enjoy xoxo Lexi

Apr 14, 2011

My family is famous!!!

here is my aunt Joy in a commercial for frosted mini wheats! She's the mommy lol. enjoy :)
xoxo lexi

Apr 13, 2011

Photoshoot with Meg

Check out my designs on up and coming model Meghann Black. We were able to run around the city at 3 am and get some of the best shots ever. Now im no professional photographer lol but im pretty impressed with myself how well they turned out. Photography is such a hobby of mine, and I enjoy shooting fashion most but of course if you know me, you knew that already haha enjoy the pictorials from our shoot and let me know what you think!

Outfit 1:

Raglan Sleeve Jacket with Long Sleeve Black Knit Hooded Dress

Outfit 2:

Backless Mini Dress with Hood

All clothing made by: Alexis Noel Sullivan
Make-up: Alexis Noel Sullivan
Hair: Alexis Noel Sullivan


And More!!!!

Outfit 3:

Gold Spandex dress with Raglan Sleeve Jacket

And Moore!!! lol

Outfit 4:

Black Chiffon Halter Party Dress

Apr 10, 2011

Joe Visits Chicago ;)

Joe looking all GQ in his stunner shades lol So we wanted to go around the city, and around the city did we go our trip started off in Greek Town where we had some delish food ( a salad for me haha but joe ate like a king)

Aw i love taking these kinds of pics ;)

Joe and I turned into tourists for the day and it seems we just took pics everywhere we went, I know he wasn't loving all the pictorials but hey im a girl and its what we do lol

this random girl came up to me and was like "hey can I please take my picture with you" and it made me feel semi cool haha so i figured this was blog worthy

ahh the chicago skyline... damn I love my cittayyy ;) xoxo lexi

More Joe and Lexi take Chi Town

Us in front of the Married with Children fountain hehe... when i told joe we were going to see this he got all excited. I mean who doesn't love reruns of Married with Children lol

Joes Senior Pic haha

Aww this is one of my Favies of the whole trip <3

and this was our mission... the history museum

History Museum

so we got all the way there and the lady was im sorry it closes at 4 :( so we had traveled at this point 3 miles for nothing, so what to do next... um Navyy Pier

but half way there we got a little tried haha so we took a little time out to chill