Feb 25, 2012

Date Night!

Almir and I were doing our little saturday night "Date Night" so instead of getting dinner out, i thought I would show him that i kinda do have a domestic side hehe, and cook him a delish dinner. The menu consisted of a:

*salad with chopped onions, tomatoes, shredded cheese, tossed in a little olive oil
*crab cakes
*sauteed steak strips topped with tomato, onion, and teriyaki combo.

serve with some wine and enjoy!


Feb 20, 2012

Inspiration is everywhere

as i was struggling to parallel park my car, i noticed this and i really loved it... you know its never good to vandalize but it did kinda brighten my day


Feb 19, 2012

Michigan Ave

Driving down Mich at night is one of the coolest things! I mean a girl gets to drive by Chanel, Louis Vuttion, Escada, and many more each night... thats what keeps me motivated and its so inspiring ;)
loves it


Feb 18, 2012

Greek Town's Best

Spectrum my usual saturday night hang out with the bf, its awesome and they even have a live jazz band ;), has the worlds best calamari! It is delish
Check it out


Feb 16, 2012

The Littlest Snowflake

Sitting a the red light, I look over and on my window in perfect little snow flake form was the cutest snow flake I have ever seen!


Feb 15, 2012

My Best Valentine ;)

so last night I had to work until 7, so it was kinda a bummer since you know it was valentines day! As i walked up to Almirs door to my surprise I see this on the counter!!!! Yay for valentines day, he's so cute and so very romantic hehe.

Here is the pic with the light on so you can get a better picture.


Feb 14, 2012

Feb 9, 2012

Valentines Dresses For Every Shape

Sometimes It may be difficult to find just that perfect dress for special occasions. Did you know that by understanding your body type, you can cut down shopping time in half??? Knowing what shapes flatter you the best will help you when selecting different options to try on. Here are a few favorites of mine,

1.) The Pear- This dress is a romantic treat for the pear shaped body type. The trapeze style skirt with empire waist line is the perfect compliment for this shape.
Top Shop $90

2.) The Rectangle- Create curves with this little number. This valentines day knock them dead, the draping creates curves and belting at the waist helps break up the long torso.
Coogles.com $149

3.) Hour Glass- Perfect for V-day dinner, this sexy silhouette will perfectly hug your assets and leaves much to the imagination.
Giambattista Valli $ 2,650

4.) The Apple- This dress is a heartbreaker. The adorable skirted waist detail covers and flatters the trouble area. It also defines the mid section and the sweetheart neckline is a v-day favorite.
DKNY $295

5.) The Inverted Triangle- Fall in love with this one shoulder dress. It creates a great waist and the pleating detail adds volume at the skirt balancing the body.
LuLu's $55

6.) The Long and Lean- Ruffled front detail creates a great visual interested, which will have your valentine serenading you. The gold chain neckline is a sweet and subtle accent.
3.1 Phillip Lim $402

So whatever your body type feel sexy and have a wonderful valentines day!


Feb 6, 2012

Quote of the Day!

"When in doubt... wear red" by: Mr Bill Blass
And i feel this is fitting since valentines day is just shy of a week away.


Feb 3, 2012

Genetics are Key

Here are a few pics of my lovely mother during her modeling days with Wilhelmina in NYC. I guess i really can say I GOT IT FROM MY MOMMA hehe Love you mom! Your such a beautiful person inside and out, thank you for all that you do ;)


Feb 2, 2012

Cleo & Cat

Meet designer Claudia from Cleo and Cat. I had the pleasure to work across from her at style max this past weekend and i absolutely fell in love with all her designs. She is a Miami based designer, but her stuff is sold world wide and currently for sale on anthropology.com !!!!

These cuffs are too cute and the wood and gold details make these a must have for spring summer this year. Stone accents bring a pop of color making such a cute and subtle statement.

I love love love these necklaces, talk about something to jazz up your wardrobe ... cute basic summer dress + Cleo & Cat necklace = the perfect summer outfit for either day or night!

She also has a assortment of rings that perfectly compliment all her other pieces in her collection.

These bad boys right here though, were my fav!
Check out www.cleoandcatjewels.com and shop today!


Feb 1, 2012

A little early shopping

with valentines day coming up... i found this adorable little bear for my main squeeze ;) im pretty sure he's gonna love it and just one more thing to check off my list