Feb 2, 2012

Cleo & Cat

Meet designer Claudia from Cleo and Cat. I had the pleasure to work across from her at style max this past weekend and i absolutely fell in love with all her designs. She is a Miami based designer, but her stuff is sold world wide and currently for sale on anthropology.com !!!!

These cuffs are too cute and the wood and gold details make these a must have for spring summer this year. Stone accents bring a pop of color making such a cute and subtle statement.

I love love love these necklaces, talk about something to jazz up your wardrobe ... cute basic summer dress + Cleo & Cat necklace = the perfect summer outfit for either day or night!

She also has a assortment of rings that perfectly compliment all her other pieces in her collection.

These bad boys right here though, were my fav!
Check out www.cleoandcatjewels.com and shop today!


1 comment:

  1. Im the biggest jewelry fanatic. Looks like you came across some great pieces. Can't wait to check out their store!

    Tamara B.