Apr 10, 2010

Reviews of KH Fashion Show

Reviews from the KH fashion show



( If u look closely u can see me in the back ground ;)


Apr 8, 2010

Kristin Hassan Summer 2010 Fashion Show Sponsored by Gen Art

Such a hit the KH fashion show went so well tonight! It was def alot of hard work but it turned out better then expected. Tons of great and beautiful people attended and her clothes were a hit! It was a great learning experience for me and I loved the rush from all the high stress. I had earlier that day went over to China Town to pick up the newly finished pieces for the show. After arriving, about an hour later Kristin had discovered that some pieces were left at Juans. So in a hurry, I flew through downtown city traffic on Michigan Ave, making it back just in time to get the pieces on the models in time for the show. After the show i enjoyed a glass of wine and a nice goodie bag filled with hair products and lip glosses. What a night!!!