Oct 18, 2012

All About the Sleeves

All About Sleves

As Fall is all around us, I cant seem to let go of my summer addiction dresses and put on a pair of pants. All my dresses though are sleeveless and Im over matching a cardigan to every outfit. Thats when I went out my comfort zone and tried a dress with sleeves. New addiction... CHECK. (click the photo to shop the looks)


Oct 17, 2012

How To: Home Office

How to: Home Office

Need help organizing your space so that your work doesn't take over your life??
Well when you work from home sometimes it can be a little overwhelming but this is a great idea and inexpensive as well. 
As easy as 1,2,3 you can change one wall into your entire work space

As listed above you will need
*Wood shelving of choice
*Track Brackets
*Power Drill
*Measuring Tape/Level
*1 Pencil

How to:

Step 1: After selecting and finishing a wall. Configure your set up. You can go online to California Closets to get some ideas
Step 2: Mark out your set-up using the pencil
Step 3: Drill brackets into the wall. ( Make sure they are even so that your shelves will lay flat)
Step 4: Place in bracket pieces and shelves to your liking
Step 5: Fill in with decor, books and more to make it even more you!!!


Room Fashion: Heaven is a Place on Earth

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.
They say in heaven love comes first.
We'll make heaven a place on earth.
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.

loves it


Cheetah Girl

For all my cheetah girls

I Just love me some cheetah anything. Here is a collection of all the things us Cheetah Girls need


25 Ways to Spice Up Your Look

An awesome video to show you 25 ways to add drama to any outfit.
Simple and easy as 1,2,3


Oct 16, 2012

Betsey's Back

My favorite designer is back and in full swing. She has comeback with a great line at a super great price, all you lovely fashionistas will agree. So start making your xmas list ladies
And be sure to be a good girl, so santa will bring you all you ask for 


Song of the Day: Chappo

enjoy, because I sure do


Quote of the Day: Blair Waldorf

# Truth 


Hot for Fall: Pleated Mini's

Pleated Mini's

Pleated Mini's are the prefect thing to wear with boots this fall. Throw on a over sized sweater and boots and its an effortless look that is absolutely fabulous!!!!


Save the Ta Ta's

Save The TaTa's

(Click the pic the support a great cause)

Who doesn't love pink? Purchase any of these products above and the proceeds go towards saving our TATA's. So get shopping today and show some love


Best Bags Under $100

Best Bags Under $100

(Click the pic to shop the best bags under $100)

I love me a great handbag, but there is no reason to carry a bag that costs more then whats in my wallet. These bags are super fashionable and look really expensive
So why not treat yourself to 1 or maybe 3 hehe


Best Fall Boots Under $100

Fall Boots

(click the pic to shop these great boots)

Fall is all about boots, and I have selected amazing styles all under $100. 


Room Fashion: Lady in Red

Lady in Red

(Click the pic to shop this room look)

In honor of the new Lexi In The City blog, this room reflects the changes going on.


Go Cardinals

Yay for STL Fans in Chicago!! I felt like i was right at home 
Gotta love me some Cards Baseball


Oct 11, 2012

Song of the Day: Imagine Dragons

I think this sums up exactly how I feel
" Now don't you understand? That im never changing who I am"


Quotes of the day: Strength

Today I have been inspired by myself, after having a few days that were not so great... I woke up this morning and said "Listen Lex only you have the power to make today a good one" and it is so true our minds are what make us strong. You have to learn to truly love yourself and believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. I tried to find just one quote to sum it all up but today there were a few.
Don't ever let anyone control your happiness, or make you feel down. They are more then likely totally not worth the time an energy you put into them. I see all these girls i know getting married, buying houses, and having babies... which is great for them but im not there in my life. I have to learn what I've got, who im not, and who I am.

and most importantly...

To all my fabulous and struggling girls out there


Fall 2012 Jewelry Trends

fall 2012 jewelry

(Note: Click the picture above to shop the looks)

Update your fall wardrobe this season with out breaking the bank, by mixing in some great jewels of the season. 


Oct 10, 2012

Here is a little teaser...

Just another day in the office, but only my office is a girls dream. All day long I get to try on and sample of the latest and greatest in womens fashion accessories. My newest venture is a jewelry company. More details to follow but...

(the turquoise)
(the slate)

(the lobster)
(the olympian blue)

(the pink ombre)

So excited about this new venture and more importantly im more excited what you think of it!!!


How to Wear the Bubble Necklace

I am just totally in LOVE LOVE LOVE with these necklaces. So why not try and find a way to work them in my everyday wardrobe 

Look 1: The Day Look

Look 2: Cute but Casual

Look 3: Country in the City

Look 4: Brunch with the Fam

Look 5: Night out with the Girls

Look 6: Date Night

Well I think this about handles every look possible, although you know a girl can never have too many options 


Start your own Mary Kay Business

Start your own Mary Kay business for $75 this month! Get over $400 in retail products in your starter kit. There is no annual fee for consultants in MK. This is a great deal to earn extra this season or to get the prouduts you love for yourself!

Contact Jennifer Lofton McChesney for all the details


20 Ways to Wear a Scarf: Blue Pacific Fashion

20 Awesome ways to wear your favorite fall scarves

 Add a little kick to any outfit with these great ways to tie your SCARVES
Also want to win a FREE Blue Pacific Scarf
And upload you in your favorite Blue scarf!
Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Oct 9, 2012

Obsessed with Ponchos

obsessed with ponchos

(Click the picture above to shop the looks)

This fall i am totally in love with ponchos, I used to laugh at the thought of them but now I cant get enough!!! Above are just a few of my favs 


Ps. Here I am rocking the poncho at the pumpkin patch hehe

Room Fashion: A tad of Monroe

A tad of Monroe

When I grow up.... I want a room just like this one 
It is class with an edge, yet still girly but not pink
I think even a boy would enjoy spending time in this space


Favorite Fall Outfits

In a fall fashion rut? Well I have put together some fabulous everyday fall outfits that basically anyone can wear. Sometimes getting dressed can be a little overwhelming. But below are some great ideas that are easy as 1,2,3 and more then likely you already have most of this stuff in your closet.

The Boyfriend Look:
(Note: Love the necklace in this look? Stay tuned for the launch of my new jewelry site where you can get the same necklace!)

The Work Look:

The Cozy Look:

 The Nautical Look:

 The Casual Look:

 The Girly Look:

The Relaxed Look:

 The Fall Fashionista Look:

Boots and ballet flats are your best friend this fall. They are a great way to add some sass to any outfit, all while being comfortable and practical. 
(Note: Add a great scarf to any outfit for a punch of color or pattern. A scarf is an easy and effortless way to update your look)