Oct 17, 2012

How To: Home Office

How to: Home Office

Need help organizing your space so that your work doesn't take over your life??
Well when you work from home sometimes it can be a little overwhelming but this is a great idea and inexpensive as well. 
As easy as 1,2,3 you can change one wall into your entire work space

As listed above you will need
*Wood shelving of choice
*Track Brackets
*Power Drill
*Measuring Tape/Level
*1 Pencil

How to:

Step 1: After selecting and finishing a wall. Configure your set up. You can go online to California Closets to get some ideas
Step 2: Mark out your set-up using the pencil
Step 3: Drill brackets into the wall. ( Make sure they are even so that your shelves will lay flat)
Step 4: Place in bracket pieces and shelves to your liking
Step 5: Fill in with decor, books and more to make it even more you!!!


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