Jun 30, 2011

Lexi's Summer Top 5 Must Haves

1.) A White Dress
- The most simple piece that can be dressed up or down, belt it or throw on a cardigan (for us Chicago people you know why) lol anyway this will be your best summer investment!

2.) Polka Dot Wedges
- These can go with everything :) shorts, dresses, skirts, capris, ect... another great investment

3.) Tribal Print Dresses
- Ethnic is so in this season and you can find these prints just about everywhere from Target to Saks. But beware this may just be a trend for this season.

4.) Two-toned Glasses
- Two-toned glasses are all the rage, look for ones with cute details such as a bow on th side to keep it girly and fabulous ;)

5.) Coral Colored Tote Bag
- This is the color of the "IT" bag for the season, Tori Burch's is my fav

xoxo Lexi

Jun 28, 2011


So my favorite model (Meg), her momma and the coolest lady I know in the world (Barbie), and myself all went to my parents bar to eat, drink and catch up. Everytime us three ladies get together it is a blast! Honestly I love them like my family... oh and wait I forgot to mention the little puppy blue in the pic! He's like the maggie mascot ;)

xoxo Lexi

Jun 26, 2011

I have the coolest little brother!

SERIOUSLY: he's the best and such a little stinker too haha
Luke always remember that sissy loves you!

xoxo Lexi

Jun 21, 2011

Everyday im hustlin

Because im so cool lol this is the same venue that my graduation took place ;) Anyone who knows me .... knows this is my theme song esp when Lexi hits states and division hahaha. So while walking across stage I was saying to myself "Everyday im hustlin, Everyday im hustlin" hehe. I know im a nerd but hey life would be so lame if I wasn't.

xoxo Lexi

Jun 20, 2011

Raise a glass for the college Grads ;)

Its official ;) im a college grad! After 4 long years of hard work and all nighters, im finished!!! As my last summer as a "kid" is here im thinking I better take full advantage of it! So I will be traveling a lot and just enjoying life. Stay tuned for whats next and always be fabulous ;)

Accepting my diploma!!!!!

My wonderful support system ( aka the people who made all of this possible)

The person who made everything possible.... my mommy!!!!


More grad stuff

Miss London, you are absolutely fabulous hahaa I love you chicka!!!

My wonderful grandmother, Who I love so very much! Strongest and most beautiful woman I know!!!!!!

My dad and little sister Hannah!

Grandpa Jerry!!!!!!!!
And of course Chirsta~

xoxo Lexi

My little Man ;)

Luke and myself outside my apt (because he didn't really wanna take a pic with me at my actually graduation lol) Ohh boys but I still love him to pieces

xoxo Lexi

Jun 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

On a boat cruise around chicago with my little bro, He be stuntin like his daddy of course ;)

Happy fathers day to my Step father and Papa Jerry :) (also to my Dad Bryan and Grandpa Donnie not pictured lol)

In the carriage that was so much fun! Sometimes with all the hustle and bustle of my daily life I forget to take a look around. It was so nice to actually enjoy the city, and im pretty sure my parents had a few good laughs as i pointed out scenes from some of my most funniest Lexi in Chicago stories lol

The 2 best people a girl could ever have in her life <3

(this was a forced picture as I am scared of horses lol)

xoxo Lexi

Jun 18, 2011

Its My Birthday!

Ahh so today I turned the big 23! Kinda scary but all is well... lol. I have been a little MIA lately, but I promise there are some great things to come!!

xoxo Lexi

Jun 7, 2011

My new love: Knitting

im working on a line of knitted cruise wear (obviously if you wore this in the water... there would be some trouble haha)give me your thoughts.. more to come. Its all hand knitted by me ;)

xoxo lexi

Jun 6, 2011

Seriously ( and yes im writing this post from starbucks)...

So I needed to clear my head and get some work done... Starbucks, best place ever. While deep in work did I have to be disturbed lol with an ex (for my friends I will give you one hint : Crazy Mask gifted by this person) Really you cant write this stuff and now my hardcore focus is askew
please starbucks work your crack magic on me lol

xoxo lexi

Little Fancy Man

Mr. Bray himself... I received this as a pic message and it made me smile, just wanted to share it with everyone :)

P.s Happy Birthday Miss Mindy!

Im gonna miss being a dork with you

Now the weather is perfect and you gotta sail off to Eroupe :( don't worry ill be on my way soon for a visit!!

Jun 5, 2011

Dinner with My Bestie

Sunday Funday dinner night! After a crazy weekend, a simple nice quite dinner is always just what you need. Good friends, good food, who can complain?
This dress is one of my favorites, made because it is made by me... I dunno. What I do know is that every time I wear it, I have one of the best days :)
My bestie and myself
and wedges... ahh they are my favorite summer shoes, loves it!


ohh what a bloody night haha

My fabulous friends out in style, themed red white and navy... for England of course ;)

Drinkin Vueve Rose out the bottle... champs of class haha

Oh rayyy your little self will be missed ;)

xoxo lexi

Get The Look

xoco Lexi

Hipster Carlton at the Train Station

After the farewell party for sir ray... who accidentally partied his pants off hehe, we needed some much need brunch, where better then the Metra. He's gonna kill me for this but its not that bad lol


Jun 4, 2011

Life's a Beach

Its like the Hannah Montana song "you get the best of both worlds" haha in chicago. A beautiful city and the beach;) Summer is my fav time of the year!

Jun 2, 2011

I love Summer

It was a wonderful day out in Chicago, so why not throw on my awesome new wedges ;) Myself and Sir Ray went out for a nice dinner and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Ohh why cant it be summer all year long?


Jun 1, 2011

The New American Idol : Alexis Noel Sullivan

Yeah J-lo and Steven love me what can I say... although I kinda miss Paula, she had the best meeds hahahaaa

xoxo Lexi