May 29, 2011

Yes, Im a nerd and was excited it was Star Wars weekend at Disney

To my surprise it also was Star Wars weekend at Disney, and since I was there with three little boys... I was able to play with light sabers :)
Haha ... i thought it was funny

My mother and me :) I love you thanks for always being my best friend!

xoxo Lexi

May 28, 2011

May 27, 2011

Disney!!!! (with my wonderful fam)

My super awesome and wonderful family! (some not pictured) lol I feel so blessed to have such great people in my life ;)

Papa Jerry and myself

trying to pull the sword outta the stone, apparently im not the chosen one hahaa

and my little broseph and myself in front of my future house, Cinderella's Castle ;)

xoxo Lexi

Lexi has checked into Florida

the awesome place I stayed

the lobby :)
and again ...

Thank you so much Eric for everything you do! This trip was so special :)

xoxo Lexi

May 26, 2011

My little Brother Graduated Kindergarden

Congrats little Lukey! Sissy is so proud of you ;) You are the most funny, smart, and big hearted little guy I know. Im so blessed to have the best little brother in the world.

xoxo lexi

May 25, 2011

Sir-Ray's Quote of the Day

"Bitches in Headbands are EVIL... Men should know this" - Sir Ray himself ;)

xoxo Lexi

May 23, 2011

Get the Look

Dress: Rodarte for Target
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Cuff: Gifted

Dress: American Eagle
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Belt: Forever21
Necklace: Akira
Watch: Betsey Johnson

Dress: Target
Boots: Michael Antonio
Watch: Betsey Johnson
Belt: Banana Repulic

Dress: Chinese Laundry
Belt: Nine West
Blouse: Nordstrom

Skirt: Banana Republic
Jewelry: Akira
Top: Akira
Fur Jacket: Target

Im creating a new section in my blog called get the look... if any of you like my outfits, then your in luck. Im going to be sharing my secrets of where I shop ;) enjoy!

xoxo Lexi

May 22, 2011

A night out with my favies

of course my bff sir-ray and myself .... look at those facessss

A shot with my groupies gotta love em :) aren't they so fabulous?

so pretty <3

ohh what a pic haha at the bar drinking verve rose out of the bottle :)

happy 21st birthday love

Funny Snap Shot

Who Knows?? lol


May 21, 2011

Saturdays with Kristin Hassan Wrap Skirt Event S

Such a fun event! Make sure not to miss the next one and Check out

xoxo lexi

May 20, 2011

When I grow up

Im going to buy this house, its my dream house and every time I walk by it, I get motivated ;)

xoxo Lexi

May 19, 2011

From Start to Finish

fabric shopping can be dangerous... but its a challenge that I am happy to accept lol I absolutely cant help myself sometimes, so luckily im sent with a list. haha

Cutting is also a very important job, the slightest mistakes can ruin a whole garment and with trial and error I have learned that its best to have a large surface and all the correct tools before you start. ** use pattern weights and mark all notches

and afterwards you will have yourself the most perfect piece ;) Check out and happy shopping everything is made in Chicago and a lot of the pieces are cut by me! Thanks for supporting local designers save the world haha one dress at a time of course ;)

xoxo lexi

I love Chicago

isn't the skyline so pretty! and now that the weather is heating up... im gonna take full advantage of the fact im blessed to be able to call this place home ;) Watch out Chi town, now I got my single girl swag on hahaaaa

xoxo lexi

May 18, 2011

sucks to be this guy

So I went to eat at my fav local place thats open 24 hours, and noticed a man sleeping in the booth across from us. The waitress was an older woman ... and was not playing around. She practically dragged him out of the booth. When he stood up he was covered in puke, nastyyyy. Man chicago is a crazyy city, there should be a tv show about it haha

xoxo lexi


xoxo Lexi

The yucky cab... beware

In all my city slicken life lol I HAVE NEVER been in such a stinky cab like for real I was dying... so beware of cab 1353x, its a stinker. I almost felt bad for the guy, like should I have bought the man some fabreeze?? He had to know that something was rank in his cab...

xoxo lexi

May 17, 2011

Inspiration is everywhere

They say the best inspirations are the ones that are around you everyday... everywhere. Sometimes we don't take the time to realize the beauty of our surroundings. Even what most people perceive as ugly is beautiful, if you look close enough at it. So walk around with open eyes and heart, look at everything and take it all in. If you try and find the beauty in things you might just surprise yourself. Get inspired and soak it all in ;)

xoxo lexi

May 16, 2011

My little Fluff

Teddy is quite the little model :) he's my number one love haha

May 15, 2011

Single ladies take out???

So last night it hit me as I was entertaining a friend and we decided to order pizza, I never get food delivered. I mean I don't even really know what delivers around 60661. Then the discussion came about how ordering take out for a single person is just stupid (esp when you live in a city like oh I dunno downtown Chicago and the options of food are pretty much endless). By the time I order my one meal I have to end up spending atleast $25 and then be stuck with more food then I know what to do with. And after only so many days can one keep eating chinese food. I would have to eat my left overs for every meal, 3 days straight. It would be fine if I was ordering for two, but im not just quite there yet ;) who knows maybe someday... soon!
xoxo lexi

May 14, 2011

My little brother is TROUBLE haha

Here he is drinking his beer haha ( heavy on the ROOT of course)... get it lol root beer

Cheersing my dad lol im telling you this guy right here he's gonna be a heart breaker when he get older... best believe it

My mom haha... she's got a handful right there!

And this was his picture he drew me lol It is luke with a chain saw cutting Justin Bieber's hair off haha seriously were do kids come up with this stuff ;)

xoxo lexi