Apr 30, 2011

Ohh What a Night lol

So what started off out be such a peaceful nice night... haha ok ok so I take that back, UFC was on at the bar and you know... people get rowdy bah. Well anyway I met up with my friend Courtney, one of my oldest best friends a girl could ever ask for ;). We arrived to my parents bar and to much of our surprise the fight was on but honestly it wasn't that bad. Hot bodies, tight shorts, nice butts hehe the sport is alright well besides all the blood and stuff. After the fight was over we boogied from our table on over to the bar for some shots. Being the responsible person I am I had a ride arranged to pick us up and I guess thats when it went downhill. I exited the bar and hopped up into my dads truck. All the sudden this group of people exited the bar, ranting. Trashy people if you ask me, but hey it was wentzville (no offense for all the normals that live there). They then started to cause a problem right outside of the door, so my step dad went to help keep the peace. Outta no where I see the lady swing and hit my step dad's jaw, without a thought process I got outta the car and called the police. Which I thought would make it better, Nope... this will be the day remembered that "I had my first bar fight". While I was on the phone a older man in his mid 30's then lunged at me in a raging manor knocking me to the ground. Yes I know a Middle Aged Man hit a freaking 22 year old girl! The rest is history and im glad to say I made it out alive and my step dad and myself are ok!! But phew that was crazzyyy, like Sir Ray always tells me "Lexi people couldn't write this shit" and now im starting to think its true. My life is a crazy one but you know what ... all i can really say is im truly blessed ;) oh ps more details to come later

xoxo lexi

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