Aug 3, 2010

Going out... On a Monday

So I must admit... this was by far one of the strangest/fun/embrassing/converstaional/ romantic night of my life. So lets start from where it started. At my apartment, watching the bachlorette, drinking killer drinks called FOUR. My dad, his gf, Bestie and I all got our buzz on and got ready. I think we ended up heading out around 11 but im not excatly sure. In the cab we all were showing that we were drunk lol and our cab driver was not amused. For some dumb reason I invited L train boy to meet me up at the local spot, bad idea. Considering the fact I am and have been in love with him for 4 years. So yeah im hanging out in the dj booth and he walked in. So we all headed over the another bar, where i drank myself into embrassesment. Not only did i confess/say things that soberly I WOULD NEVER but I also kept telling him not to flatter himself after i said all these things. If that wasnt just so bad enough I also fell. Now please someone tell me why I can act like a pro infront of any other person, but in front of him I become the 18 year old nerd I was when I met him. To make the night even worse, when he said he was leaving I responded with a " Well hey thats ok, theres this group of guys over here that wanna talk to me." Fool, I am a fool! But im pretty sure he was enjoying the flattery haha. So he dipped out and I walked over to a table of 4 guys, all from England. Here for 2 days and so much fun. We sat there had great converstaion on life and fashion. haha oh Mondayssss

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