Mar 16, 2010

So much fun being me

So much fun tonight at the pop-up launch at 900 N Michigan! Sipped on Vitamin Water Zero and Svedka cocktails, then enjoyed some great goodie bags! Hanging out with my two fav things, fashion and cocktails! What a night. I had totally forgot to get a ticket and right before the event I went online and it said " Ticket sales ended at 5pm and tickets can only be bought at the door. So what did I do, Put on my little black dress, some thigh high flat boots (not trashy classy ;) threw on my Betsey Johnson coat and took a cab anyway. As I walked up and explained my story, I remember a thing called name dropping lol. And when she asked me my name I said " Oh im Alexis with Kristin Hassan" and just like that I was let in. This job def has its perks and I just saved $25.

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