Jul 13, 2011

Dear Lexi

So I received a letter from a fan and I always love giving my advice to young inspiring fashionistas... Not to mention it makes me feel kinda cool that people actually look up to me for that kinda stuff ;) This message comes from Jess in NYC,


i am Jess and i'm studying fashion design in nyc.

i've come across many fashion sites looking for design inspiration and i really like your look! You're inspiring me a lot! :)

But the thing is i am not very confident to show off my personal style since i am not a good model!

could you please give me some feedback? i just started to use another site as well since i don't need to upload photos of myself.. this makes me feel more comfortable.. http://bit.ly/rc3R3e

i made this composition for the theme of "first date in summer". it sounds funny but it is actually my school project! :)

thanks, please give me any advice! thanks for imparting your fashion wisdom!!


First off let me say thank you for such a nice compliment ;) But honestly when it comes to personal style, it should be about you. You are what you wear and everyone (even the most unfashionable persons included) have a personal style. So embrace YOU because that is what makes you who you are and people like when someone can be original. There really are no rules when it comes to fashion, so experiment and try to push yourself (drama always makes a little better of a picture anyway) When it comes to being a great model... thats not important. Im 5'4 and lets just say not 100 lbs. So im not a perfect model either. Find angles that make you look your best. Hands on the rib cage and shoulders back always improves the way your body looks (boosts cleavage too) Also having the camera at a slight downward angle a little above your head height helps by making you look slimmer, ever heard of myspace angles hahha. Overtime you will start to improve and learn what works and what doesn't. Its all about trial and error, so its ok to make mistakes or not be perfect. Imperfection is what is really beautiful anyway. Hope this helps and always feel free to email me questions at ALEXISNOELSULLIVAN@GMAIL.COM

Ps The collage is great and I would totally rock this look on a summer date ;)

xoxo Lexi

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