Oct 19, 2011

The Fabulous but Struggling Girl: Relationships and Being Honest

Finding just any body is easy but finding someone who you really love is hard. Just imagine it like this... You are looking for the perfect birthday outfit, and you search and search. By the time you find it you are so flustered and upset, you end up settling for something blah blah that works but its not what you imagined. On the other hand you are just shopping not thinking about finding something, and wham bam thank you mamma you find the perfect dress, shoes, and necklace and get 30% off. Its perfect and score your birthday is coming up! I guess the moral of the story is you always find the very best things when you are not looking for it. You just have to believe that one day you will find it. Being positive is very important, having good energy brings good energy. And when you are lucky enough to find it hold on to it forever because true, cant live without you, inconvenient love is once in a lifetime kind of stuff. The most important thing in a relationship is honesty, and you have to be so honest about everything because no matter what eventually everything and I mean everything comes out. Even if what the truth is seems like the most horrible thing you could ever confess to someone, lying about it to make yourself look better will only blow up in your face down the road and make you look even worse because 1.) they know what you were trying to hide and 2.) you lied and now they cant trust you. So just be honest from the very beginning, because if they really really love you and your meant to be then no matter what you tell them... it will not change the way the feel about you. You cant change your past but you have the power to change your future. We all make mistakes and have things we are not proud of but the best way to overcome it, is to admit it be honest, take a deep breath and breathe. The most important things in life is not your career or how much money you make, its the family we have, the people we choose to bring into our lives and love. The most important of these though, is love. How many successful women do you know who are single? Most all of them because why? They make their careers their number one love and in life there is so much more then that. I don't know about you but I want to be in real love. I wanna make a life with someone, give him my everything and build a beautiful family because really thats what life is all about.

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