Oct 15, 2011

The fabulous but Struggling Girl: Cooking

I always use to say how I would never cook, using the line " I keep sweaters in my oven" from carrie miss sex and the city. And honestly the most cooking I did ... well it involved a microwave. I even during this time dated a chef haha. I remember reading a few of my grandmas cookbooks when I was little. In the introduction of these things it would tell you that you should have the dinner ready and the children washed and properly dressed ready for dinner, all while wearing pearls and sunday best, when your husband arrives. This is 2011 and today we are just a different breed. Juggling a job, social life, and yourself haha all while trying to make a 5 course meal and be dressed to the 9's by the time hunny gets home is a little bit unrealistic. Remember these women were mostly housewives and well... if i stayed home all day, I could probably be little miss perfect too. But who really wants that anyway, I know I would be so bored. I have dreams that I want to accomplish and well hey im gonna do it. Maybe it's because im getting older or maybe its my super duper wonderful boyfriend, but I actually really am starting to enjoy this. (ps nothing impresses a guy more then a woman who can cook) Im pretty sure that if you can read and follow directions, you just might be able too as well. I recommend Fun, Fast and Fabulous Food by: Alison Taafe but the best recipes you could probably get is from your family. Call up grandma or mom and chit chat about your ideas and you know they will be happy to help. Its a great way to bond and hey you might just discover that you have some of the same cooking genes that your grandma has.

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