Nov 6, 2013

Lexi's Top Fall Picks

Wondering what to do with all the "Fall" trends being thrown your way?? Well with every season comes tons of new "must have" items. I have picked my top 8 that I believe every fashionista should have in her closet.

1.) The Plaid Shirt- Dress it up or down or wear it layered or by itself... whatever you do, your options are endless. This is a MUST have for this season.

2.) Round Sunglasses- Making its come back and a harder shape to pull off. I suggest getting a great pair at like Target for 2 reasons. One they will look like designer shades and two... they will be 1/10 of the price.

3.) Military Style Bootie- Invest in something comfortable and flat. I do not suggest the platform versions of these for your everyday life. Luckily too, flats are in!

4.) Small Side Bag- Huge totes are a thing of the past. These chic little pieces are great in staple colors or make a great statement piece in a bright.

5.) Turbans- LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I suggest finding a Pink Pewter retailer and get your hands on these asap!

6.) Mixed Media Jackets- Super on trend. Make sure to get one that incorporates leather too! As thats a great way to mix a little harsh into our feminine looks.

7.) Nails that Pop- Of course we need color on our fingers this season. (It makes our jewelry pop more duhh!!!) 

8.) Gold Watch- Enough said... just get one already ;)

If you have any burning fashion questions or thoughts you would like to share contact me at

Until next time my friends, stay fabulous

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