Jan 18, 2012

Busy Busy Working

While Lexi in the City is currently undergoing some major changes....


The 27th- 30th I will be at Style Maxx working as a brand rep for a really great luxury high end scarf line.

Got some really exciting work stuff coming up, Some cool things that are def gonna spice up this blog on the fashion side.

This year I will be coaching for the Oak Park Ice Show and helping do the costumes... so look for some awesome pics and such coming at the end of March.

Impetus Threads is heating up, we are currently designing a whole new line of men's clothing Items that are gonna knock your socks off!

My grandma is doing much much better and is out of the ICU but unfortunately is still in the hospital

Oh boy so far its been a busy year and its still only January, but if my chinese 2012 horoscope is close to being accurate ... its going to be my year
Stay Tuned


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