Sep 9, 2011

The Fabulous but Struggling Girl: Networking is Key

After graduation, things can be a little scary. Such as not nailing that dream job or just trying to figure out exactly what you want to do. A little tool that we all have but some of us rarely use is networking. For example... Yesterday while at work a older lady came in and asked if she could sit down for a little while her husband was shopping, sure no problem. Me being the talkative person I am, started chatting her up. Turns out we both have a passion for fine fabrics, sewing, and fashion! She was honestly the highlight of the day. I gave her my info and told her to contact me if she ever needed help with anything. Then to my great surprise she told me how her daughter opened up a store downtown for children with designer clothing! Crush boutique is located in Rosco Village here in Chicago. After she left my manager was like " So lexi what is your next step?" thinking to myself I didn't really have a next step... then my manager said " Go in there introduce yourself, have a look around, and tell her that her mom told you about the store, because if her mom liked you most likely she will as well" So monday on my next day off I am going there!!! My key advice is to talk to everyone, and if you stumble across something or someone who can help you out, take full advantage of it. Talent is something you either have or you don't, but how many talented people do you know that do nothing with it? The people who are most successful in the world, believe they can achieve something and do. Just think Madonna or J-Lo they aren't the most talented singers in the industry vocal wise but they knew what they wanted and they worked their asses off to get it. Sometimes its not as much as what you can do but who you know. And if you want something enough what you don't know you will quickly learn. So today's goal NETWORK and see where it will take you!


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