Sep 26, 2011

The Fabulous but Struggling Girl: Growing Up

The age when your basket goes from make-up and vodka to toilet paper and coffee creamer. I swear I used to be able to go out every night of the week... if I wanted. Now a days i just don't have a full day to recover from a hangover. When the real world starts and your career becomes your social life, whats a girl to do?? I miss the days when my friends would all meet at my apartment and we would pregame until 12am then jump in a cab for some downtown fun. Lately anytime I "go out" its for work related events and my idea of an ideal Saturday night is ordering some take-out and watching a few of my tvo-ed shows (that i didn't have time to watch during the week) with my wonderful boyfriend, who I am sure misses that little party girl he used to know. Finding the balance between being an active social butterfly and a level headed entry level career woman is rough but i think its very important. Part of being a fabulous girl is having a fabulous well rounded life. Week nights are a great time to have girls nights because you can always find a great deal, grab a few drinks, and call it a night by no later then 11... i mean its trashy to be roaming the streets wasted on a Tuesday. I always like to look at this website called You can find by day of the week where all the good food and drink deals are around the chicagolonad area. Bar Louie dollar burgers well thats my fav! My weekends lately have been work work work and anytime i get a day off is on a monday, tuesday, wednesday, or thursday So going out to a club lately is completely out of the question. Its important though to keep one saturday a month for some going out fun. Once every 4 weeks is a good way to still let loose and have a much needed night of fun and its a good way to conserve funds. The club scene used to be cool back when I was 21, but now when I go it seems like its just all people who are 21 and that makes me feel kinda old. I guess this is the point where we have to evaluate our lives and figure out what is most important. If we want to be successful and strong powerful women certain sacrifices just are made. And i don't know about you, but I do not want to be that 35 yr old in the bar hitting on 24 year old guys.... just not my style. I got bigger dreams, and while I still find time to get a little crazy I just do it in a more sophisticated and mature way. Heres a toast to all the fabulous girls I know, who are going through the very same thing!!!!!!!!


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