Aug 18, 2011

Yay for Presents ;)

Buying a man a birthday gift can be quite tricky. Girls have a different idea of what good surprises are then most men. See for a girl its simple, flowers, nice dinner, some diamonds haha no matter how big or small you simply cant go wrong with that ;) But how do I buy a gift for a guy I haven't been dating that long really and not look like a stage 5 clinger... I read in my book " A Modern Girls Guide to Life" ( which I bought in high school, but I still find myself going back to it for different things in my life haha) She expressed no monograming no pictures in frames and to just go simple. Which made me think maybe I should just go classic... The vintage rolex idea I had will just have to wait till he's 30

You can never go wrong with a nice tailored button-up and cuff links. Reason 1.) Men never think to buy themselves cuff links. Its the little details that slip their mind but yet every man likes them. ESP: If he takes pride in the way they look.

Since I went with the black in white stripe shirt, I thought it needed just a little something to make it pop. Which drew me to red ( because red, black and white totally IN right now)

Choosing a quality mens shirt is also key. Most guys when shopping for these items go to your basic Express, Macy's, ect. Which is totally fine, but its something they can buy themselves. So I went with a classic Valentino and let me tell you, its made with perfection ;)

And because you know I like to get a bit crafty, I hand screened a shirt for my bebo. He loved it too because it was made by me


PS I think I have way more fun shopping for a guy then I do myself hehe

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