Feb 22, 2011

Wyld Stallyns ;)

Over the weekend I went back home to Missouri and on sat I went out to my parents bar to meet up with one of my best guy friends, Jon. We drank long islands and I made the best pizza ever! haha but while I was there I was introduced to a band that was playing that night, Wyld Stallyns. They were all super cool guys and def played a great show! I was able to snap a few pictorials so enjoy ;) After the fact, I did a little internet exploring and found out that a few of the band memebers used to be in a band called GreenWheel. Back in high school, so this makes me feel old, I loved them along with my something corporate days lol. So random, but yeah check out the song "breathe" by GreenWheel. It's a goodie

Wyld Stallyns Website: http://web.me.com/echlow5/thewyldstallyns.com/Biography.html

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