Dec 20, 2013

Things you dont know about me

1.) I love the sims. I could play it for a whole day straight, its crazy.

2.) My baby brother is my hero, he is my best friend, and the love of my life. That kid and me have the most amazing and crazy adventures. Hes the best kinda friday night :)

3.) Im a sucker for old people, I could sit and chat with these folks for hours and I always love hearing their take on life, love, and happiness.

4.) I was a 2012 Macy's Fashion Incubator Associate Designer.

5.) Fashion for me has always just been a part of my life, and im forever grateful that I have been able to build my life around my passion but in all reality (or at least what I get paid to do) ... I just sell scarves lol.

6.) Compliments make me nervous.

7.) Rap life, gets me going. Music is my number 2, just behind fashion of course. I feel so inspired around music and I love being around creative people who are creative in a different way then me. It has definitely influenced my style and design aesthetic.

8.) I feel like (true to my gemini self) I have two sides. Side one, is a fashionista just trying to make her way in this crazy thing called life. Traveling the country, selling scarves, and being fabulous. Then theres side two, that is truly a big nerd. I like staying home, watching tv, designing websites, and hanging with my quite eclectic group of homies. Not many people know the second side but I heard its pretty cool lol.

9.) This year I have traveled and gone to many different places. By far my most favorite place to be is Chicago (New York being a very close second.) Chicago will always be the place where I grew up and shaped myself into the city slickin fashionista girl I am today, and for that... well im forever in love.

10.) All I really want to do when I grow up is be happy :)

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