Jun 8, 2012

Sunscreen is soo Important

It's all about the sunscreen

  Get Your SunScreen On
Shiseido body moisturizer
$34 - lordandtaylor.com

Philosophy sun care
$26 - nordstrom.com

Avon sun care
$24 - avon.com

Sun care
$16 - swell.com

Bath body product
$6.99 - target.com

Kiss My Face beauty product
$8.99 - drugstore.com

Beauty product
$8.99 - drugstore.com

Beauty product
$8 - walmart.com

Beauty product
$5.02 - amazon.com

Bath body product

As young women we should always be protecting ourselves and that includes our skin. I don't care if it's cool to be tan... but its not cool to be all old and wrinkly. Sun damage is the leading cause of aging in women. With a little effort you can protect yourself and keep your skin looking young and vibrant. And here is a little secret .... You still get a tan while wearing sunscreen, you just are helping block the harmful UV rays that cause damage.


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