Mar 25, 2011

Thank You isn't enough!

So just wanted to put it out there... your my rock :) I don't ever have to ask you for anything, you show up prepared to do just about anything (all day shopping trips for the one perfect outfit, staying up till 3 am painting crafts, showing up for things that I worked so hard for even when u have 2 mins because you were already suppose to be at work haha...) and are willing to bend over backwards to make sure im good lol. When im upset, it never matters cuz you are already on it :) Its so awesome to be able to know I have such a wonderful and great person in my life who not only stands by me and makes me aspire to do better things, but who is also my number one fan! RAYMOND... your the best husband a girl could ever ask for. Thanks for coming today, and thanks for everything you do that you don't have too!

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