Dec 31, 2009

Why I am starting a blog...

My name is Alexis Noel Sullivan. I grew up in missouri, in a great home with a great big family. I had a normal high school life but always felt like I wanted something more. Missouri just wasnt cutting it for my dreams and I. After graduation I went to college and moved to Chicago with my best bud Topher, leaving behind my best girly in the world Christa. After three years of city life, heartbreaks, and too much fun... I thought hey why not blog about it. My life has to be a little more interesting then those Jersey Shore people right haha, and if not then just consider this a memoir to myself. Documenting the best times of my life. After severing most ties with the person who I thought would always be there, I grew up. I took a look at myself from an outside perspective and didnt really like what I saw. Its not like I was a bad person or anything, but more like wasting alot of time on things that didnt matter. I started to change everything about myself, all for the better. I could take it back to the begining of me moving to Chicago but who really wants to go back that far. Im going to start you off where it gets good ;)

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